The Future of Marketing

Alphis Studios believes in leveraging on the latest technological trends to make your life easier and business more productive.

Chatbots are software applications built to automatically engage with and respond to received messages. They serve to handle time-consuming tasks which translates to better service dispensed to your customers, whilst channeling more time to focus on your other priorities.

The Value Of Chatbots

In today's business environment, automation is key to stay relevant and competitive, and there are higher standards to be met in terms of customer service being delivered on a round-to-clock basis. These are five benefits of chatbots:

1. Save Time & Money

Automating conversations that would otherwise require an employee to attend to saves time and money, which can be allocated to other areas of your business.

2. Generate Leads & Revenue

Chatbots are able to deliver qualified leads via direct messages, such as gathering contact or email information from the user to be followed up. This reduces the mental fatigue from answering the same questions repeatedly. This also increases the quality of the leads from users.

3. Direct Users to Better & Relevant Results

Chatbots are able to route users to the questions they are seeking for via customized and personalized options, especially if they initially do not know where to source for the relevant answers. Hence, the user experience will be seamless and hassle-free.

4. Engage Users In A Unique Way

The usual way to deal with customer questions is via telephone or email, hence the user experience is rather standard and non-customized. Chatbots provide the user with a different experience via its new and fun way of engagement.

5. Provide Round-The-Clock Support

Customers are able to get information they need via Chatbots, 24/7, even when your business is closed. The convenience factor is greatly boosted here, which will lead to more positive impressions and feedback for your business.

We are able to develop Chatbots on multiple existing messaging platforms, including:

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